Aldnoah.Zero – 08


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eps8I haven’t updated this blog for so long, but now I finally do because I really need to get “this” out of my system. What do I mean by “this”? It’s Aldnoah.Zero most recent episode, episode 08. Spoilers and long rants ahead.

For the first six episodes, I have to admit I wasn’t really engrossed in it. Some things are pretty predictable which makes things quite boring. Some moments are great, especially when Inaho shows his amazing tactical prowess, but even then, it becomes boring due to repetition. It was episode 07 that finally made me feel so much about this series. Why? Mainly because finally Inaho and Slaine meet each other. These two protagonists who are the opposite of each other, fight together and shows promise of being a good team, only for that promise to be shot down by Inaho along with Slaine’s aircraft. It was a very good end for an episode, which left me with dread and excitement for Slaine’s fate. After a week of painful waiting, finally episode 08 is aired and we learn what happens to him: tortured by Count Cruhteo for information. That was when I finally decided enough is enough.

To tell you the truth, at first I didn’t really like Slaine. I was more interested in Inaho, whom I can relate more to (and I am aware that many people don’t like him because of his lack of emotion… which is the very thing that makes me relate to him). To me, Slaine is too much like the typical tragic hero, a noble idiot. He does things following his emotions, which leads him to all sorts of trouble because he does not think ahead for the consequences of his actions. That’s why, I didn’t think too much of him. However, this eps finally opens my eyes about him. Yes, he can be stupid about his actions, but I think it is justified because as far as we can see, he doesn’t have any mentor figure around him to teach him how to judge situations and take the proper actions. If anything, the people around him despise him, except for Asseylum who is as naive as he is. All he has is a deep loyalty towards the princess which becomes the reason he endures the harsh things that the world throws at him because he wants to protect the princess who has saved him. That is why, when the princess’ life is in danger, he does not think about anything else but to do everything he can do (which isn’t much) to protect her.

Looking at how he does not yield to Cruhteo because he wants to protect his precious princess at all cost, I can’t help but to admire his determination. I’ve noticed that so far, this series has not been kind to him. At first, I think that it’s only natural because some of the things he endures are the results of his rash actions (yes, I know I sounded extremely harsh), but now that my eyes are opened, I feel strongly for him. Really, that kid deserves a break. All the characters treat him badly (except Asseylum… probably. Asseylum does think of him fondly, but it seems to me that she doesn’t think about him as much as he thinks of her). The creators of the anime treat him even worse. Just look at his name, Slaine, and also look at the scene arrangement in this eps. The scenes that keep switching from Asseylum who seems to be having a good time… to Slaine who is being tortured. Ouch. Ooooh, and don’t forget the flashbacks, especially about the bird one (considering the title of the eps refers to this, this is the highlight of the eps). I can’t help but to feel that the creators really want to bold, italic, and underline Slaine’s suffering with all the dramatic irony. Indeed, this makes the fans feel even more protective of Slaine, and therefore will keep watching the series, but… damn it.

I like the part when the Counts figure out about the Deucalion… and Slaine laughs. Even when he is hanging on life by a thread, he still has the backbone to mock them. Of course, this leads to count Cruhteo realizing the truth. You see, I still don’t like Cruhteo. I still can’t forgive his actions, but the fact that he does not let his racism blinds him to the fact that Slaine has done everything he can the protect the princess gives me hope for his character… only for that hope to be crushed in a matter of minutes. I’m not sure he’s dead, but at this point, I’m not sure of anything. Oh, and Slaine, unconscious, has jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Really, creators? Really?

I really hope that things will not go even more downhill for Slaine, though I have a feeling that it is unlikely. Right now I’m concerned that if Slaine keeps getting this treatment, someday he will change into someone who do not trust anyone but the princess, and be able to kill anyone who endangers her without hesitation. Let’s all hope this won’t come true. Meanwhile, we’ll have to painfully wait for a week for the next eps to be aired. _:(´□`」 ∠):_

Oh, Erza


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I really feel sad for Erza now. After I watched episode 154, I wonder if she will ever be happy in regards to love. It’s as if she is doomed to never have love that will work out.

However, I am really envious of how Erza can still stay strong. I am also envious of how she does not let love clouds her judgement. Back then when the Council is going to capture Jellal, she could have defied them all and fights for his freedom-she is strong enough to do that-but instead she tells them to take him. She chooses justice over love. She knows that he has done bad things and he has to pay for that. I believe Jellal is glad for her choice because he does want to pay for his sins (even though at that time, he doesn’t remember much about it). Erza is really unselfish. It’s a hard choice to make, but I believe that she thinks it is the best for both of them. It only gets worse when it is revealed that Jellal can only remember her because of her scarlet hair (and that Jellal is the one who gives her the last name Scarlet). I wasn’t Erza, but I felt so heartbroken that I actually cried when I found that out. I couldn’t imagine how Erza herself really feels. That revelation, and how she’s not going to see him ever again… she must be really, really mournful. Erza has shed tears before, but then she could stand strong; this time she cried to the point that she cannot lift her head. That sight of her crying is truly heartbreaking.

Then, after she (and I) thought that she will never see him again, they meet again! I was excited at first because I really want this couple to be happy, but… I have to be disappointed again. Well, I’m glad they finally kiss (though I still doubt if they really kiss, the angle is really annoying), admitting their love for each other, but I really hate it that Jellal pushed her away. He has this silly excuse of having fiancee… well, actually Erza knows he’s lying and somehow I’m sure Jellal knows that she knows it’s a lie, but his real reason is just so.. ARGH. I know he still feels guilty and undeserving of Erza, but really, isn’t it Erza’s right to decide if he deserves her or not? But again, Erza amazes me with her unselfishness. She respects his decision and lets him go (though from her expression as shown in the picture above, she must be really sad). If I think about it again, maybe they are not ready for each other now. Jellal is still heavily scarred from his experiences; therefore, he will not be able to make Erza happy. But, maybe… someday… they will be able to be together. I hope. I really don’t want Erza and Jellal become tragic lovers after all they’ve been through.

I’m also surprised by how Erza and Jellal can talk normally after that. It must be hard for them, but I hope this means they are starting slow, by being friends. Well, they’re stealing glances at each other now and then, so that should mean something.

I really respect Erza now. She keeps surprising me with the choices she made and how unselfish they are. She must have been really hurt inside, but she can stay strong and fight for her friends. There are a lot of strong women but there aren’t many who are willing to sacrifice themselves and make the hardest choice for other people’s sake. I hope that I can be like her one day. Maybe not as strong as she is, but at least, I want to able to choose the best choices though they are hard to go through.

Hetalia X Hitsuji de Oyasumi Volume 8 – America and England


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So…  I think I should continue this craziness called Hetalia X Hitsuji de Oyasumi. I’m reviewing straight to Volume 8 and skipping Volume 7 since I cannot really say anything about the Elric brothers Liecht’s and Swiss’ sheep counting except that it’s really normal and it will make you fall asleep for real. Volume 6 is already crazy with Prussia showing up to wake people up from their sleep and now Volume 8 will bring you another kind of craziness. We have the self-acclaimed hero America and the tsundere England together and yeah, I can hear your squeal of happiness, fujoushis, and all Hetalia fans will know that nothing is going to be right when this famous couple are together. ヽ(´ー`)┌ Oh, and beware, a very long post with spoiler is coming.


  1. Katsuyuki Konishi as America
  2. Noriaki Sugiyama as England

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An Article about Tom Hiddleston


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.. which is lame, I think. (The article, I mean, not Tom. Tom is nothing but awesome.)

Pardon me, but I am not confident in my own writing. I feel like I’m doing injustice to Tom for writing this article. But, final exam is final exam, so I still have to write this article to get score.

This article is a cover story article, because my final exam for British Studies is making a magazine. After discussing with my friends, we divided the assignment so I ended up writing the cover story and the sitcom section. Since the magazine is for British Studies class, the cover story will have to be about a famous Brits and the famous Brits today is… Tom!

I spent all night writing this article (yes, the deadline is today and I pulled up an all-nighter, like usual) so I still feel giddy now. I wanted to write so many things, but the space is limited. It drove me crazy that I had to pick which materials to insert while what I wanted to do was inserting all of them.

I attach the link to my article below, so feel free to read them. (I want to say no feedback, but I know full well that without feedback, my writing won’t get better.)

Tom Hiddleston: The World Kneels Before Him

P.S. It’s a raw article, so it’s full of words and has no picture yet. If I can get it, I will post the article with pictures in the magazine once it’s finished.



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I can’t sleep even though it’s 3.30 am already. So I think I should listen to some lullabies to help me sleep and post some lyrics of my favorite lullabies:

Show me the flowers invisible
Sing me the hymns inaudible
The wind is my voice
The moon is my heart
Come find me, I’m on every hills and fields
I’m here… ever your near…

– Lullaby, Yuki Kajiura

Constant as the stars above
Always know that you are loved
And my love shining in you
Will help you make your dreams come true
Will help your dreams come true.

– Constant as the Stars Above, Jessica Brown

Sun goes down and we are here together
Fireflies glow like a thousand charms
Stay with me and you can dream forever
Right here in my arms tonight…

– Right Here in My Arms, Melissa Lyons

May there always be angels to watch over you
To guide you each step of the way
To guard you and keep you safe from all harm
Loo-li, loo-li, lai-lay…

– Sleepsong, Secret Garden

Hetalia X Hitsuji de Oyasumi Volume 6 – France and Spain


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Time for another volume of Hetalia X Hitsuji de Oyasumi! This time I skip to Volume 6, because Volume 4 doesn’t interest me (Japan and China are not my favorite characters) and Volume 5… just… don’t ask. (Ukraine is okay but… Russia and Belarus? I don’t want to go down that path… *horror*) Actually, at first I didn’t want to download this volume because of that self-acclaimed big brother who is actually just a big crazy pervert France even though that friendly kansai-ben-speaking guy Spain is just fine. But then I heard that an awesome somebody who is adorably annoying Prussia makes an appearance here, so somehow this volume became something that’s VERY CRUCIAL to have. (`▽´) Okay then, let’s just see how this volume turns out!


  1. Masaya Onosaka as France
  2. Inoue Go as Spain
  3. Kousaka Atsushi as Prussia

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Hetalia X Hitsuji de Oyasumi Volume 3 – Hungary, Austria, HRE, and Chibitalia


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Here is the next volume of Hetalia X Hitsuji de Oyasumi CD! In this volume we’ll have (Mommy) Hungary, (Daddy) Austria, HRE, and Chibitalia. I downloaded this volume because of Austria… I want to hear him say “obaka-san!” again and again. 😛 I know it’s a weird reason but I regret nothing. So, without waiting any further, let’s see how it is. (Warning: Spoiler ahead!)


  1. Michiko Neya as Hungary
  2. Sasanuma Akira as Prussia
  3. Konno Jun as Holy Roman Empire
  4. Kanada Aki as Chibitali

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